Airsoft – Combat South Urban 13-03-05

Highlights of airsoft games played at Combat South Urban. Featuring flashbangs, close-up pistol duels and a 6 barrel moscart launcher. This is filmed at Fort Widley, an old Victorian era Fort and gun emplacement overlooking Portsmouth. It features plently of tunnels, rooms and gun slits, along with a 60ft deep moat and many cannon ports. I would say its the best CQB site in England. Please rate this video and comments always welcome
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AirSoft VS RC Planes! (MUST SEE!!!)

Want to start RC planes the right way? Our website has the 5 things you need to know to get into RC planes fast. Don’t buy the wrong beginner plane and waste your money. Take a little time to do it right, you’ll be glad you did. Music by J.Lynn Johnston. MAD AT GRAVITY The M4 we are using. On the weekends we patrol the boarder just for hoots. On this day some Keebler Elves tried to get the jump on us. We sent them back to Nabisco in a box. . .
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Airsoft Etiquette (Single Stream)

Best of USA Marketing presents: Airsoft Etiquette, a safety message Brought to you by Airsoft Extreme.
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FACEBOOK LINK: One ofalmost 300 Airsoft war videos filmed in the UK you can see more at or Google “Scoutthedoggie” FACEBOOK Over 30000 people are subscribed to my FaceBook page at FIRST AND ONLY LINK FOR AUGUST UK based retailers that I buy from, as far as I know they only ship guns inside the UK, but contact them for more info on where they will mail to. http “FOR BREN AND STEN GUNS” http For more information on playing Airsoft in the UK and elsewhere I recommend you use the forum on the following website You will need to set up a login to use the forums, its free. If you wish to play airsoft in Scotland join the forums at You will need to register to see all the forum topics and post on it Some bits n bobs of video I never planned to use, but viewers are asking to see the footage so here it is..
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